Pohutukawa and friends

I was inspired to do this post by the recent campaign to save six pohutukawa trees along Great North Rd.

Oh and by a beautiful day on Tiritiri Matangi Island.

???????????????????????????????The red pohutukawas stood out along the densely growing cliff face as you look North from the path that heads from the wharf. The red in the foreground on the beach is a carpet of pohutukawa flower filaments and anthers.

Here is tieke admiring pohutukawa from the branches of what I think is a Coprosma sp.


Here is profusely flowering pohutukawa being photo bombed by flax (so cheeky)


Here is pohutukawa, nestled in to look at the view across Hauraki gulf with cabbage trees.


I was so very lucky to catch a kokako enjoying itself bathing. Then to my delight it flew and perched directly above me.


Finally here is pohutukawa (this one opting for a less profuse but nonetheless elegant floral display) standing proud with kanuka


To the six pohutukawa’s on Great North Road we send our love & if our roots could move we’d be on that 360 degree ferry and down SH1 to stand with you…


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