Christmas eve 2014 skyscapes

Some views of Auckland from Maungarei

From top left 1. Looking south southeast across Panmure lagoon 2. Looking north toward Rangitoto

3. Toward summit & into space ūüôā with a little help from digital filters¬†4. Looking northwest to Auckland city

The clouds were posing nicely Рcirrus or cirrostratus I think

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Goodbye Fit24 and Hello Mediterranean

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I managed to complete the Fit24 challenge and scored 100%. Unfortunately I didn’t lose weight – it went up and down over the course of the challenge and I’m now about back where I began. It wasn’t all bad. I can easily enjoy much less sugar in my diet and will keep a few of the elements of the challenge.¬†¬†This will be¬†keeping cakes, biscuits, desserts and ice-creams as once a week or less often treats. Jam on wholegrain toast will be back in but with a little less frequency- perhaps twice per week.

I have also decided that I need to celebrate and be more curious about food. So I’m setting off on a culinary journey.

I found “The Cooking of the Eastern Mediterranean” amongst the library cast offs. This fits in nicely with an article I referred to in a previous blog about the¬†benefits of a Mediterranean type diet and the book boasts 215 healthy, vibrant and inspired recipes. I think it also ties in nicely with my childhood love of Greek mythology and Scheherazade and her Arabian nights entertainments.

The book opens with some information about mezze and a series of sauce and dip recipes.

I found some lovely eggplants so decided the first recipe I’d try¬†would be a fairly well known dish – Roasted Eggplant dip or Baba ganoush. Ideally the eggplants are best cooked over coals or a flame but I roasted them in the oven. The garnish is tomatoes, parsley and paprika blended 3 parts to 1 with ground chilli flakes. The dip is quite a moist one but has subtle chilli kick.