Fit24 Challenge: Unadultered tirade of opinion on nutritional advice….

Right I’ve been doing this Fit24 Challenge for three weeks. I’ve only had 3/6 of the allowed treat days. I’ve gained another kilogram. I am really, really pissed off. I’ve followed the dietary guidelines and I’ve put on weight. I’ve also been more irritable and more miserable than I normally am. These stupid guidelines for diet DO NOT work for me – in fact I say without a doubt they’ve been detrimental. I now have an extra two kilos I need to lose using my previous tried and true technique – kilojoule counting. It doesn’t help that this morning I’ve tried to have a higher protein breakfast – scrambled eggs, wholegrain toast, mushrooms and tomatoes and the egg has given me stomach cramp. I can safely say that I don’t feel hungry at 11am but then I don’t actually bloody well feel very well either.

I’m not particularly craving cakes, biscuits, lollies. In fact the only positive consolation of this diet is that if I have a dessert much more infrequently e.g. once per week then wow does it taste REALLY good. Deprivation is worthwhile just for the increased pleasure that comes from more occasional indulgence.

I just want to eat dried fruit, more fresh fruit than a measly two serves per day and jam on my wholegrain toast more regularly than once per week.

Switching to full fat has NOT been helpful; it’s been a recipe for disaster as far as I’m concerned. I have not felt more sated and the 3pm slump hasn’t gone away. I think the 3pm slump is more due to having a sedentary, seated job and lack of fresh air than diet factors. Having a brisk walk outside will probably be more valuable than listening to sugar control freaks.

My previous diet wasn’t perfect – I think  it is a lifestyle factor that is really difficult to address. This is my completely subjective assessment by the way. I’m not reading any science on it right now because I can’t be bothered – it’s my day off. I have children and I work. I come home from work and I’m bloody tired but there’s still heaps to do and children to nurture so what I really need is 40 winks but I can’t- there’s too much to do in the day still so I eat to try and take away the fatigue without sleeping.

Unfortunately the Fit24 challenge has made me feel like I want to tell everyone to F-off, don’t try and be so bloody prescriptive and limiting with what I can and can’t eat – boy am I looking forward to the end of the Fit24 challenge.


2 thoughts on “Fit24 Challenge: Unadultered tirade of opinion on nutritional advice….

  1. Sounds like the problem is that this diet has advocated swapping sugar for fat (fat has more calories per gram doesn’t it?) and adding in extra fat (i.e. extra calories!). It doesn’t sound as though it promotes moderation or portion size. You know what they say – even too much water can kill you!

    It’s been interesting following your journey though, and hopefully you can take a few of the better changes away with you after the challenge, now that you’re used to eating less sugar and have some ideas for incorporating good fats into your diet. 🙂

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