New challenge and an interesting experiment!

I’ve been curious and intrigued by the fat vs sugar debate that has been raging recently. However, I’ve been somewhat old fashioned in my approach to weight loss. I just count calories when I want to lose weight – this means juggling my time and priorities a bit, putting more effort into planning meals and keeping a food diary- but it invariably works. I generally don’t change the range of foods I eat at all and I stick roughly to the very retro food pyramid i.e. 4-5 serves carbohydrates, 5-7 serves of vegetables, 2-3 serves of fruit, 2-3 serves protein, 1-2 serves dairy etc.

I’ll admit to being very skeptical about low carb diets and also skeptical about the general discourse along the lines of “sugar is bad, fat is good.” I’ve got the opportunity to delve into this first hand.

In four days’ time I’m joining my work colleagues at IMAC in the Fit24 challenge. This challenge involves cutting sugar substantially out of your diet and choosing full fat options for products such as yoghurt.

So curiosity is about to kill this cat, but hopefully satisfaction will bring it back…

How well will I be able to stick to this diet which cuts out a number of my current staples such as dried fruit, brown bread and jam?

Will I lose weight without the burden of time spent keeping a food diary and calculating calories?

Will I acquire supernatural powers?

Will I lurk behind my children with a sinister gaze, salivating at their mountain of sequestered Halloween treats?

Will I suddenly sign up to the Robert Lustig fan club?

Also for those interested in who I think is the best source of information on fat vs sugar at the moment you can’t go past Dr Lisa Te Morenga and Dr Rod Jackson.


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